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After graduating with an engineering degree from Cornell University, Robert decided to pursue an acting career. To that end, he trained with Wynn Handman, director of the American Place Theater. Robert is most well known for playing the role of 'Liam Kincaid' in the TV series Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict and has had guest starring roles on shows such as Beverly Hills 90120, The Guiding Light, As The World Turns, One Life To Live, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. In addition to his acting roles, Robert has penned the screenplay Yo Yo Boy as well as characters for stand up venues in New York and Los Angeles. Currently based in NYC, Robert works as an actor, professional photographer, and produces projects for both film and television.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Zegerid Commercial

     Around the middle of December in 2008, I booked a commercial for an antacid called Zegerid.  Thinking it was sort of a birthday present, I put some stock in it running and helping me to fund my new found photography interest.  At the shoot, there is an artist I am introduced to, who I recognize from YouTube named Phil Hanson and they have hired him to paint on his/my torso some of the effects of the product.  Well... now I become of a fan, cuz this guy is a 'wild man'!  I have recently become an enthusiast of the way he thinks about art and the process he embarks on for each piece he creates.  He karate chopped a mural of Bruce Lee by dipping the lethal parts of his hands in black paint!!  Please, check him out @
     Sure, it's a big pharmaceutical company that's hawking a product, but the opportunity to meet this 'crazy cat' was cool.  Of course, the product got held up in the FDA approval process and the airing didn't occur until the beginning of April of 2010, but now the fun begins and I am finally able to branch out and do more visual things with the funds at my disposal.
     Check out the spot at and let me know what you think...  it's really interesting if you stay a fan of the business while you are doing it.  It can keep the cynicism at bay while keeping you interested in the varied processes of other artists.


Clare Revell said...

It puts the antacid ads we get in the UK to shame. And those pics on Mr Hanson's site are amazing. Ty

carolinadnl said...

I watched this commercial on any TV station I can find it, so great to see Robert on the screen again regularly, (I'm a big fan),loved the art, very colorful. Carolina (Metatron)

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