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After graduating with an engineering degree from Cornell University, Robert decided to pursue an acting career. To that end, he trained with Wynn Handman, director of the American Place Theater. Robert is most well known for playing the role of 'Liam Kincaid' in the TV series Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict and has had guest starring roles on shows such as Beverly Hills 90120, The Guiding Light, As The World Turns, One Life To Live, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. In addition to his acting roles, Robert has penned the screenplay Yo Yo Boy as well as characters for stand up venues in New York and Los Angeles. Currently based in NYC, Robert works as an actor, professional photographer, and produces projects for both film and television.

Monday, February 28, 2011

So Long Zegerid, but the heartburn remains!

     Wow... great score!!!!  The launch of a product!!  Zegerid!  It was quite a long wait and ultimately a great looking commercial spot.  This seemed like a great opportunity for me to finance the marketing of my burgeoning portrait photography business.   Until big Pharma looked at the numbers, the sales of this panacea for indigestion, we used to call it "adjita" growing up in New Jersey.  So I guess they decided that this guy who paints on his chest is maybe just a 'freak' with a bad case of rotgut, but obviously the product wasn't flying off the shelves the way they needed.  So I take the news like another humbling punch to the solar plexes and ponder "What would the 'Situation' do...?"  Not really, but imagine... a case of "adjita" for him or Snookie could be a whole episode in itself. 
     So, this is what we do in the trenches of this ever challenging career.  We employ mercenary tactics... we hunker down, we reassess and we pull up the old bootstraps and look for the next opportunity! 
     Colace, a stool softener is still running, pardon the pun.  Now all I need is an ED medicine and a herpes solution and I will be the kind of well rounded actor I always dreamed of being... ;)                 
     The portrait photography business will continue to grow as well as my photojournalistic event photography.  I shoot a wedding engagement this Saturday evening in New Jersey.  Another commercial photography job at midday in Metuchen, New Jersey.  And hopefully be able to catch some cool photographs of my nephews at their district swimming event in Bethlehem, PA in between.
     "Adjita....?"  The solution...get more creative and work a little harder!


Justin said...

So it's from Jersey! I picked up this word from an intense (and hilarious) Italian-American lady pastry chef at a high-end catering company in Houston, TX called "Jackson & Company" in the mid 90s. The conversation would go like this:

Me: Is the cake ready? We need it for...
Chef: "Stop it!..ya' givin' me 'adj'!!"
Me: What's adj? Can I hel...
Chef: "Adjita! ..Get outta the kitchen!!"

And that was pretty much the end of it.. *beautiful* pastries.

Good luck with the photography! Glad to see you're keeping busy and liking your work.

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